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Bullock's Buzz: December 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bloggers Needed! Diamond Candles!



Calling All Bloggers!

  Open to the first 100 only! Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity to work with Diamond Candles, the maker of those great all natural, soy wax candles, each of which has a ring worth at least $10 inside, is looking for bloggers!  Simply click HERE and fill out the form!  Good luck!

The Soothing Company

Mini Moonshadow Tabletop Water Fountain


   I have always been a person who has had a hard time managing the way I deal with stress and emotional events.  I have always let too much get to me, and as I get older, I am quickly realizing the necessity of finding better ways to cope with and eliminate stress from my life.   While I have always been aware of and interested in various schools of belief on dealing with and eliminating stress, I am just recently finding myself really wanting and needing to incorporate these methods into my life and environment.  Some of these methods include following the basic guidelines of Fung Shui when arranging my home, keeping my surroundings organized and non-chaotic, using the art of aromatherapy, taking quiet moments to myself when possible, practicing yoga and more. I am also finding myself amazed to realize exactly how large a role your immediate environment can play in your mood;  how what you see, hear and smell can deeply effect how you feel. 

 I recently had the wonderful opportunity to review an item from this fantastic site called The Soothing Company.  The Soothing Company is a great online store which focuses on products meant to add soothing elements to your home and life.  They offer everything from water fountains to bonsai trees, aquariums to ventless fireplaces, mattress toppers to bean bag chairs and many other items of relaxation for both the inside and outside of your home.  In keeping with my attempt to make our home more of a relaxing and stress-free environment, I choose to review one of their tabletop water fountains.  They have an incredible selection, and choosing just one was quite the challenge!  After much debate, I finally decided on what has turned out to be the perfect fountain for our home!

 The fountain I chose is the Mini Moonshadow Tabletop Water Fountain which I have placed in our den.  It is a two tier fountain in that a smaller bowl sits inside a larger bowl.  From inside the smaller bowl a curved piece of metal arches up and over the water, and there are holes in this piece from which the water flows down over a piece of slate which is suspended from the metal arch.  The water flowing down the face of the slate then falls into the river rock-filled smaller bowl, which then overflows into the larger bowl.  Inside the smaller bowl, beneath the rocks is a ring of LED lights which cast a golden glow through the rocks and onto the slate and the falling water making it sparkle.  If you turn off the lights and look at the fountain in the darkness, the pattern of the light on the slate, and the watery glow reflected on the ceiling, is reminiscent of shadows in the moonlight. 


  The entire fountain is a copper/bronzed color, and the slate is a mixture of browns and grays;  lending even more of an outdoor, natural feeling to the fountain.    This beautiful fountain provides a much needed escape from the noises of city life.  There is something incredibly relaxing and, well, soothing, about the sound of trickling water.   When I come home and listen to it in the quiet room, the sound of the water trickling onto the rocks reminds me of the creek I used to play around when I was a child.  It makes it so much easier to clear my mind of the troubles and worries of the day when I focus on the sounds of the water and the patterns of light.


  The fountain measures around 12.5” in diameter, 13” in height and 12.5” in width, and weighs around 6 pounds, making it the perfect size for an end table, coffee table or bookcase.   Unlike many tabletop fountains, this one comes with a switch on the cord allowing you to turn it on and off.   It did come un-assembled in the box, but was very simple to put together by following the clear and detailed instructions in the included booklet.  You do not have to have any tools to assemble it, but I found having a pair of pliers nearby came in handy for when I had to tighten two small pieces.  The only problem I encountered was a bit of misguiding information in the instructions telling you to set the pump to its highest setting during assembly.  It wasn’t until after I had the fountain together and running that I noticed the water wasn’t running as smoothly as the picture suggested, and it was splashing off the rocks and over the sides.  At first, I tried rearranging the rocks as the instructions suggested with no noticeable difference.  Then, a bit further along in the instruction booklet, it said to be sure the pump was NOT set to its highest setting.  So I had to unplug the fountain, remove the rocks, and get to the pump to turn it down a bit. Once I did that, and rearranged the rocks, the fountain worked perfectly without any splashing!

 This has truly become one of my favorite features in our home, and I am so happy with it, that I cannot wait to get another fountain for our bedroom!  The Soothing Company offers ventless fireplaces, bean bag chairs,  water fountains and more.  All of the products they carry are high quality and made by top brands, and they can be purchased directly through The Soothing Company’s website.  Plus, they offer free shipping and no tax in most states!
   The Soothing Company is also on Facebook and Twitter where you can find more information on their products, promotions and more!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2 New Winners for the Pawalla Giveaway!


   Two new winners have been picked for the Pawalla Gift box giveaway!  Please be sure to reply within 48 hours to receive your prize!


…Michelle T!


…Sharon S!


I have sent you both an email, be sure to reply within 48 hours!  If you do not see it, check your spam!


Friday, December 21, 2012

3 Pawalla Holiday Gift Box Winners!

Were You One??


  It’s that time again!  Time to pick the winners of 3 codes for a Pawalla holiday gift box!  Keep reading to find out if it was you!








  I have sent you all an email, please be sure to reply within 48 hours with the best email to reach you!


More Giveaways Starting Soon!!

  We have more giveaways starting soon, so keep reading The Buzz!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To…

Books Even An Idiot Could Understand! 
Dream Dictionary, Meals in 30 Minutes or Less, and Small Space Gardening
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection
idiotsguidebookseries 006
   Everyone, regardless of IQ, has come across something at some point that they were unfamiliar with, something that they just didn’t fully understand, something that made them feel like, well, like an idiot.   That’s why there is this great series of books called the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to… any and every topic imaginable that anyone could possibly want to learn or learn more about.   Books whose authors have also experienced that feeling, and know how to take the sting out it by writing informative books using simple steps, inside tips, clear information and even the occasional dash of good humor!  Books that cover tons of topics and are written so that, let’s face it, even an idiot could understand it!    There are over 450 titles covering everything from art and photography to automotive, from history to family and relationships, from new age to pets, and so many, many more.  So whether you are completely confused or constantly curious, The Complete Idiot’s Guide is the perfect place to start!
  I had the opportunity to select a few of these books for review, and have found myself using them again and again. They are very well written, detailed and full of information about each specific topic.
  My husband sometimes completely blows my mind in that he is able to remember almost each and every dream he has upon awakening.  I, on the other hand, can rarely even remember if I even had a dream!  Each morning we will spend a few minutes in bed while fully coming awake and he will tell me about his dreams.  We usually get a good laugh out of his subconscious trying to blend the bizarre with reality.  I have always found dreams and what they possibly could symbolize an interesting topic, though I am not sure how much credence I would truly give to these so called dream interpretations, but it is enough to make me extremely curious about these dream dictionaries of which I have heard so much about.  So when I was given the opportunity to review the Complete Idiot’s Guide Dream Dictionary, I jumped on it!
completeidiotsguide 5
   This book is set up exactly like a dictionary, with over 1500 entries arranged in A to Z format covering topics of interest for dream interpretation from specifics such as cell phone, lake, best friend to concepts such as fixing something, driving, or breaking an item.  It uses the most up-to-date vocabulary of dream symbols and dream meanings, and each entry is fully defined and its interpretive meaning fully explored.  When necessary, entries are cross-referenced to other related entries to help you further explore every possible interpretation.  One thing I especially like about this Dictionary is that it does not include entries on the science of sleep or the psychology of dreaming, it only focuses on symbols, meanings and interpretations.  This book is very easy to use thanks to the Dream Themes Index and an Appendix.  There is also the Yin/Yang Dream Shadows feature which is based on Jung’s belief that people have a “shadow self”, a darker side to our emotions and experiences, which yearns to be acknowledged.  Since dreams are often confusing, it often is interesting to explore all sides of the interpretation, even the opposite meaning. This feature uses the Yin Yang symbol that you can follow to a list of of opposite or complimentary dream dictionary entries to explore.  This book is perfect for everyone who is interested in dream interpretation; from those who are just curious about the possible interpretations to those for whom interpretation of their dreams is an integral part of their life.  A book that can be both entertaining and educational!
  I absolutely love to cook. Throughout my adult years I have gone through different phases of seriousness towards cooking, sometimes trying to create my own masterpieces, other just throwing together simple, basic meals, and still others just following a recipe.  Now that I am married, I am much more serious about cooking, and have come to realize just how much I truly enjoy cooking, whether it be from a recipe or not, especially cooking for my family, and wanting to feed my husband filling and healthy meals.  However, reality often asserts its tough self, and I realize that trying to work, keep house, raise a child and do all that a wife and mother do, my time is somewhat limited in the kitchen, and I do not have much room for hours of preparation and creation.  The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Meals in 30 Minutes or Less to the rescue!
   This is the perfect cookbook for the incredibly busy cook! It is filled with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that take very little time to prepare and finish! It has over 500 recipes for every meal of the day from breakfast to snack to dinner to dessert, recipes using a variety of ingredients from vegetables to meats. It is very easy to use, organized into sections based on the meal. It is divided into 7 sections including one on everything you need to be able to get in and out of the kitchen quickly covering pantry staples to the correct pots and pans. Then there’s a section on breakfast, one on lunch, one on snacks and appetizers, another on dinner, the next on side dishes and finally, a section devoted to desserts. You will find different symbols and icons through out each section which allow you to quickly identify everything from definitions, to tips for quicker cooking, from time wasting alerts to icons that flag the amount of time a particular recipe will take. There is also a Glossary and an Index to further help organize this book and simplify the process. I have prepared several recipes from this book, recipes that were healthy and delicious, and that literally took 30 minutes or less! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks to use, especially during the week!
completeidiotsguide 4
  Another past time I truly love, that has been severely limited due to apartment living, is gardening.  A few years ago, a different lifetime, I rented a house that had a wonderful backyard where I would spend the majority of my free time with my hands in the cool moist soil coaxing colorful flowers and delicious vegetables from its depths.  Fast forward to today, I live in an apartment with a pretty good-sized patio, but no yard of green grass to call my own.  Over the years I let myself almost forget how much I loved tending to the plants, nurturing and caring for them. I came close to letting myself completely forget that feeling, and how relaxing and therapeutic gardening can truly be.  Until I had the chance to review The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Small-Space Gardening!
completeidiotsguide 1
   This book has re-awoken my long dormant, and sorely missed, green thumb!  It is filled with wonderful ideas and intelligent tips for gardening in small spaces.  Whether it be a postage stamp piece of yard or, as in my case, an apartment balcony, this book helps you create and maintain a lush, beautiful garden.  Not only does it cover the basics such as your Hardiness Zone, the amount of sunlight in your “garden” and even managing your own microclimate, but it also focuses on design, color coordinating and fragrance.  There is a section on different types of small space gardens such as fruit, vegetable, flower and herbs, as well as a section on good gardening practices to keep your garden protected and nurtured.  There is even a section on the best types of plants for small spaces.  This book literally tells you everything you need to know to design, plant, grow and tend the perfect small-space garden.  It is very well organized and easy to follow, and it includes many pictures, diagrams and drawings to offer even more inspiration.  Plus there is a Glossary and an Index, as well as a couple of Appendices on additional small-space gardening resources, and common and botanical plant names.  This book is a definite ‘must’ for both the beginner small space gardener and even the expert!
My Verdict
  There is tons of information crammed into each of these books which are written well enough, and simply enough to where anyone could become practically an expert on the chosen topic! The books can be big or small, thick or thin, full of pictures or full of words, but no matter what, each one is written in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable, fun-to-read style. I have found myself constantly reading and re-reading these books, cooking the recipes, interpreting the dreams and designing and planning container gardens for each upcoming season.  As I mentioned above, these books are perfect for anyone from the completely confused to the constantly curious! Keep in mind, the Holidays are almost here, and these books would make an ideal gift for anyone on your list! 
   The Complete Idiot’s Guide books can be purchased directly through the website, and at many stores both online and off.  They are very reasonably priced, and contain a wealth of information; and everyone knows that knowledge is priceless!  Be sure to check them out on both Facebook and Twitter for all the latest releases, deals, promotions and more!  Plus you can also become part of their community through Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube and other sites, as well as by sharing your knowledge on your specific topic!   The Complete Idiot’s Guide, not just for idiots!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Auric Blends: Egyptian Goddess

Exotic Scented Soaps, Lotions, Perfumes and More
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection
  As most of you know by now, I have a love of all scented products whether they be candles, diffusers, lotion or bath bubbles.  Recently I had the opportunity to experience some wonderful products from Auric Blends.  Auric Blends offers a wonderful selection of perfumes and other scented products created to help you smell enticingly beautiful.   Their perfumes are unique, affordable, and long lasting.  Best of all, they are hand-crafted in small batches using only the finest, natural ingredients and essential oils.   They also make perfume oils, solid perfumes, candles, incense, henna body art and more.
  One of their best selling fragrances was created over 17 years ago, and combines “soft florals, light powder and musk” to create an incredibly sexy, yet soft and feminine fragrance appropriately named Egyptian GoddessI received three wonderful products from this incredible line, a lotion, a 1/3 ounce perfume oil and a glycerin soap.   They also offer this scent in a solid perfume, eua de parfume and several sizes of perfume oil.
   This perfume oil comes in a small glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.  I immediately fell in love with the scent which is much different from the floral scents I usually prefer to wear.  While Egyptian Goddess still has a hint of floral, it is also blended with the perfect amount of powder and musk.  It is a lovely combination of scents, and not at all over-powering.  I was especially impressed with how long the scent remained after I applied it.  Most perfumes fade away over the day, leaving not even the slightest note by nightfall.  Egyptian Goddess remained though out the entire day!  I cannot even begin to count how many compliments I have received when I wear this out!  My husband especially loves it!
   With the same incredibly scent as the Perfume Oil, this has quickly become my lotion of choice!  It comes in an 8 ounce bottle, and is the perfect consistency for lotion, not too thick, yet not so thin that it seems watery.  It is absorbed quickly, and not only leaves you smelling wonderful, but it helps your skin feel soft, silky and moisturized!  Every woman knows how a wonderful scent can make you feel sexy and feminine, especially when combined with a lotion that leaves your skin satiny smooth!  Like the Perfume Oil, the scent in the lotion lasted the entire day!
   Another bath-time luxury, this hand crafted glycerin soap is made with the finest all-natural vegetable oil oil recipe, and contains unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter to leave your skin moisturized and smooth as silk.  I must admit that I was quite hesitant about using this as a full body soap as so many soaps, especially scented ones, leave my skin smelling nice, but feeling dry and itchy.  In fact, the first time I used it, I just washed my hands to see what would happen.  When I discovered that it did not dry out that skin, and knowing how much my husband loves the Egyptian Goddess scent, when we finally had a date night, I decided to give this soap a try.  Now, I am so happy I did!  Not only did I smell incredible, but it left me felling very clean and did not dry out my skin at all!  Instead, my skin was soft and moisturized, so much so, that I did not even have to apply any lotion as I usually do to avoid any itchiness due to dryness.  I have used this soap many times since, and am very impressed with how long the bar has lasted, and I love how it lathers up nicely!  Like the other products, the scent lasted for hours and hours!

My Verdict
  I can honestly see (or should I say smell) why Egyptian Goddess is a best seller!   The scent itself is light, yet sexy and completely unique;  incredibly feminine!  The Perfume Oil, Lotion and Glycerin Soap smell amazing, and I love how both the lotion and glycerin soap moisturize your skin leaving it so soft!  I especially like how Auric Blends uses only the finest, natural ingredients in their products, and how the scent lasts all day without fading completely away!  I will definitely be buying more of this in the future!

Where Do I Find These Wonderful Products?
   Auric Blends products can be purchased directly through the website at http://auricblends.corecommerce.com/.  Their prices are extremely affordable, and they offer a wonderful selection of unique scents and products in addition to Egyptian Goddess.  Auric Blends can also be found on Facebook and Twitter where you can get all of the latest product information, promotions and more!


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Triple Scented Candles Scentsational!

The Best Little Texas Candle Ever!
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection

               triplescentedcandles6  triplescentedcandles5
   One of my favorite simple pleasures is having a beautifully illuminated, warmly glowing candle gently scenting the air with fragrant aromas.  So when I discovered Triple Scented Candles, I couldn’t wait to give them a try!  Their candles are all hand- crafted using all-natural palm wax, and each one is custom made for you based on your choice of color, scent and size!
  I was sent two of their wonderfully aromatic candles, a 16 ounce Pine and an 8 ounce Vanilla Maple Pecan.  As soon as I opened the tape on the box, I had my first whiff of why they chose the name Triple Scented Candles!  The aroma coming from the box was delightful!  All of their candles are made from triple scented, handmade, natural crystallizing palm wax.  While many candles claim to be highly scented, the majority add only .5 to 1 ounce of scented oil per 16 ounces of wax.  Triple Scented Candles uses 2 to 2.5 ounces of pure fragrance oil to every 14 ounces of organic palm wax.  That is truly triple scented!


Why Palm Wax?
   Although candles are seen as beautiful, romantic and relaxing, many are composed of materials that emit toxins. It is becoming widely known that paraffin wax does not burn cleanly since it is actually a by product of petroleum.  It is also bleached and hardened using even more chemicals, all of which are released into the air you breath when you light that candle.  Even the materials used in some wicks include metal or lead which also release toxins when burned.  When you have a wood wick or a pure cotton wick, the flame will burn clean with no black flame, smoke or soot.  That is why many people prefer to use candles made from beeswax or palm wax, and wicks made of wood or pure cotton, all of which burn pure and clean.
   Palm Wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that comes from the oil palm tree in Southeast Asia.  Not only is it a sustainable resource, but it burns clean with virtually no soot since there are no additives required aside from fragrance and coloring. Palm wax also burns up to 50% longer than will paraffin wax, it burns more steadily, and it is smokeless.  It also resists melting in hot summer months, takes color well and holds fragrance very well for a longer period of time, allowing for a long lasting, rich-colored, highly scented candle which will burn to the very end leaving no waste.   Plus, once the candle is completely gone, you are left with a great glass jar that you can use for a multitude of things!

              triplescentedcandles18    triplescentedcandles20

Pine Triple Scented Candle
  This 16 ounce, outdoorsy-scented candle smells exactly line a forest of pine!  It is a beautiful green color, and you can see the sparkle from the crystallization of the palm wax.  It is in a clear glass jar with a screw-on metal lid, which allows you to see how the wax has a beautiful silvery hue, sort of like a marbled texture, due to the nature of the Palm wax and the technique they use to make the candles.  This particular candle came with a wood wick which not only lasts a long time, but burns bright and clean.  As soon as I opened the lid, the faint pine scent became as strong as though I were standing in the middle of a pine forest after a rainstorm.  Once lit, the wick burned with a large flame, and my home quickly filled with the incredibly fresh pine scent.  This scent is perfect for this time of the year!


Vanilla Maple Pecan Triple Scented Candle
  This incredibly delicious smelling 8 ounce candle comes in a clear glass Mason jar with a screw-on metal lid.  Delicious is the key word here, as that this candle is a fragrant mix of vanilla bean, maple syrup and pecans that makes your mouth water with the first whiff!  The wax is a warm, honey color, and also has that silvery cast due to the nature of the palm wax.  This candle has a pure cotton wick which burns clean, and once lit, the candle takes on a warm glow which makes it look as though it is lit from within!


Your Candle, Your Way
  Another wonderful feature of Triple Scented Candles is that you get to pick your candle, your favorite scent, and the color wax you want!  Yep, if you like the Vanilla Maple Pecan scent, but prefer to have purple colored wax, just let them know!  They will hand-craft your scented candle to your request!  They have 55 different products from which you can choose including candles of every shape and size;  pillar candles, candles in glass jars, round ball candles, star-shaped candles, votive candles and more.  Or you can chose from jars of fragrance oils, Aroma Beads, cute little Aroma Bears, and other scented items!
AlainaB pic

   They have an incredible 1000 different fragrances from which to choose on their Pick A Scent list, with everything from common scents such as Vanilla, Lavender, Lemon and Cedar, to unique and exotic scents like Nagchampa, English Ivy, 7-Up Pound Cake and Mystic Orange Moonstone to blended scents such as Strawberries & Cream, Balsam & Cedar, Lavender Vanilla and Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms.  There is no way you will not find at least one scent that captures your interest!  And if you need a little help figuring out what some of these scents might be, visit their Scent Description page for a detailed description.
   Prices vary depending on the shape and size candle you want, anywhere from $4.50 up to $50, well worth the price for such great candles!  Plus, they offer a flat rate shipping fee of only $8.95 regardless of how much you order.  To order, simply visit the Triple Scented Candle website and look around until you find what you want.  The site is very user-friendly, and they have a wonderful selection of items from which to choose, all of which would be a perfect gift for the holidays!
   Triple Scented Candles can also be found on Facebook and Twitter where you can find all the latest promotions, savings, giveaways and more!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AudioFly AF33 M In Ear Head Phones with Microphone

Product Review
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection
   Give the gift of sound this Holiday Season with a pair of amazing headphones made by AudioFly!    The creators of AudioFly take their love and passion for music and sound, and combine it with old school attention to detail in order to create some of the best headphones around!  If you love music, and want to hear it clearly and loudly in its purest form, then AudioFly is for you!
   I had the opportunity to experience a pair of their AF 33M Headphones with Microphone.  These awesome in-ear headphones are available in two different styles, with a built in microphone, or without (AF33).  The model I reviewed (AF33 M) has the microphone which gives me the option to use them as a hands-free phone system when you plug them into a cell phone.  Audiofly has also incorporated their Clear-Talk technology where they have separated the microphone from the button resulting in much clearer voice transmission during conversations. 
  When you plug these unique headphones into your Smartphone, you have the ability to listen to music, pause it, skip songs forwards and backwards, answer calls and call-waiting, and much more with a simple press of the button! Even the microphone is so well made that the person on the other end of your conversation can hear you clearly at your normal speaking volume.  No static, no interference, no distortion!
  When it comes to listening to music through the AF33 M headphones, they use an “advanced custom voiced 9mm dynamic driver in order to deliver detailed sound reproduction across the entire sonic spectrum”, with a frequency range of 20HZ to 20kHz.  Very scientific sounding, but what it basically translates to is incredibly clear sound where you can hear everything from the deep, tight bass to the crystal clear top end and everything in between. You can hear each and every note, every word, every sound regardless of the range! 
   The AF33 M headphones are noise isolating, and come with 4 sets of different sized silicon ear-tips that mold to the shape of your ear for better sound and noise isolation, which helps to reduce the amount of outside noise, and keep what you want to hear in your ear.  So when you listen to your favorite group, or are having a conversation on the phone, you don’t have to worry about other people around you clearly hearing your music or both sides of the conversation!  Plus, with such a choice of sizes, you can be sure you will find the most perfect and comfortable fit. 
   The headphones also come with a handy little microfiber storage pouch for both protection and storage.  The cord is around 3.9 feet in length with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug.   The AF33 series are available in six different, stylish colors, too.   So, what can make these even better?  The price!  I was so impressed with the quality of these headphones, that I was amazed when I learned how affordable they truly are!  I would have expected to pay a pretty penny for the wonderful quality of sound, the innovative features and the fact that can also be used as a hands-free system for a cell phone.  Instead, I learned that the AF33M In Ear Headphones sell for around $39.99!
  My Verdict
   I have always been a huge fan of music, and I have always wanted to be sure I have the best possible sound through whatever device I may be listening.  I have tried many different types of headphones, both in-ear and the ones that fit over the ear, and have been most impressed with these, the AudioFly AF33 M.  The most important feature I look for is the quality of sound, and these are very nice, especially for the price!  Their sound is very clear, ‘close’ and clean, not at all tinny and far-away sounding!  Plus, the noise isolation feature does a great job of keeping outside noises from getting in, so all I hear is the music or conversation I am listening to.  Even using them with my cell phone gave me excellent sound quality, and the person I am speaking with is able to hear me clearly without my having to speak loudly.  My husband says it sounds more like I am talking through the actual mouthpiece on the phone, than it does a microphone;  with none of the ‘far away’ or ‘talking as though from inside a well’ sound we both have experienced with other similar sets before. The second most important feature is comfort. I have had many a pair that make my ears hurt after wearing them for a short amount of time, and these do not cause discomfort at all.  The silicon ear slips are very soft and fit perfectly, and really help with noise isolation.  I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a pair of excellent, affordable headphones! 
  The AudioFly AF33 M headphones would make a wonderful gift this Holiday Season for anyone on your list!  They can be found at many stores, both online and off!  To find a location near you, or to see a list of online stores, simply visit AudioFly’s location finder; or you can buy directly through the AF 33M website page!  While you are there, be sure to check the other headphones offered, and visit AudioFly on both Facebook and Twitter!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Shoplet.com and Westcott Product Review

   I am a blogger and Mother who likes to find different ways to save her family money by using coupons, searching for the best deals and sales, and keeping her household bills and spending as organized as possible.  I also enjoy crafts, and other creative activities such as writing and DIY projects.  Therefore I spend a lot of time online, taking notes, cutting out coupons, articles, and patterns or designs, creating files to help keep things organized, and so much more.  In order to keep all of this organized, I have set up a small office with a desk and all necessary supplies such as pens, notebooks, scissors, glue, binders, folders and more.  It is amazing how much I use these items and there is so much more I need as well!  Luckily, I have found the perfect discount e-commerce office supply site, Shoplet.com!   They have over 135 warehouses nationwide filled with a huge variety of office supplies for your home, office or business, all of which you can get at great discounted prices delivered right to your home or office! 
  I recently had the opportunity to review three products from Shoplet.com that were made by Westcott;   their Titanium Bonded 8” Non-Stick Straight Scissors, a pair of their Kid’s Scissors with Microban Protection, and the very unique and handy Westcott Scissor Mouse.
Westcott Titanium Bonded 8” Non-Stick Straight Scissors $13.14 (set of 2)
What They Say:  the latest technology from Westcott combines titanium with a unique non-stick coating that is permanently bonded to the blades making them five times stronger than stainless steel, and giving improved cutting performance.  The blades stay sharper longer, and are resistant to adhesives such as tape, Velcro and glue.  Can be used in the right or left hand. These scissors are 8” long with a cut length of 3 1/4”, and have a pointed tip.
What I Say:  I like these a lot better than the majority of scissors I have.  The handles are much more comfortable, as the holes for your fingers and thumbs are larger than what I am used to so my fingers are not cramped together.  They are the perfect weight, and it really helps when doing crafts that the blades are resistant to adhesives like tape and glue!  The blades are very sharp and cut easily through a wide range of mediums such as construction paper, newspaper, felt, poster board and more!  I have noticed that they are a bit ‘stiff’ when opening and closing the blades to cut, but I believe this will ease with use.

Westcott Kids Scissors with Microban Protection $2.06
What They Say:  these children’s scissors have stainless steel safety blades perfect for cutting projects in the home and at school.  The handles are treated with Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odors.  These scissors are 5” long with a cut length of 2”, and have a blunt tip.
What I Say (based on my observations and my son’s):  my son used these quite a few times and was happy with the way they fit his hand, as well as the ease of use.  He did mention that they were a bit ‘stiff’ when cutting, but again I believe this will ease with time.  When asked, he said his fingers had plenty of room, and the blades easily cut through different types of paper, string, yarn and more. 
shoplet5 shoplet3
  As an early childhood educator, I found that these scissors were much more comfortable, and cut much better than many other brands I have used.  The shape of the handles are a lot better for a child’s hand than the scissors with two round-shaped holes for both the fingers and thumbs, and the length of both the blades and the cut are perfect for a small child with developing hand muscles and coordination. They are light enough for a child to use with ease, but not so light that they don’t cut well.   These scissors seem to be very well made, and sturdy enough to where the handles can withstand a lot of use and abuse without cracking as I have seen other kid’s scissors do.  Of course, the blunt tips are a great safety precaution for children as well!  The fact that the handles are infused with Microban, in order to keep microbial agents from developing is a great bonus, as is the fact they come in a selection of bright cheerful colors!
Westcott Scissor Mouse $10.75
What They Say:  this innovative device acts like rolling scissors and cuts with a smooth paper slicing action in straight lines or long waves.  It’s ergonomic design won’t harm surfaces.  Great for cutting wrapping paper, coupons, paper and craft projects.  The blade is not exposed, making it safe for use by adults and children on any flat surface.
What I Say:  I am kind of up-in-the air about the Scissor Mouse.  The concept is perfect, but it does not seem to work as well as intended.  I tried using it with a variety of papers including wrapping paper, notebook paper, printer paper, craft paper and newspaper coupons, and had a mixture of results.  Before you cut you have to make sure the edge of the paper is sliding under the red tab on the bottom of the mouse, then you gently push down and move the mouse forward.    On almost every type of paper I had to try two or three times to make it start cutting as it would bunch the paper up when I pushed down and moved it forward instead of cutting.   The absolute worst were the coupons from the newspaper as the paper continuously bunched up, and once I finally got it to cut, I had to stop at the end of the first dotted line, re-set the mouse to the edge of the paper on the other side in order to change direction and cut the coupon completely out.  Also, since coupon paper is so thin, in order to get it to somewhat cut I had to hold the paper firmly up at the top with one hand while trying to do the same with my elbow for the bottom of the paper so that the paper wouldn’t bunch up.  Then I had to use my other hand to try to guide the scissors mouse to cut.  It really wasn’t worth the effort, and it wound up taking a lot more time than regular scissors would have.  However,  I did find that it worked quite well with thicker paper such as the wrapping paper, notebook paper, craft paper and printer paper.  When the paper would actually slide perfectly under the red tab without bunching up, I found the Scissor Mouse extremely comfortable, quick and easy to use! It cuts as smooth as silk, and you could either go in a straight line or in waves.  I especially like how it has a ‘ruler’ on the end to help you line up your cut perfectly!  The shape is very comfortable to your hand, it is very lightweight, and it is nice to not have to keep opening and closing your hand to cut as you do with scissors. 
reviewsmore 021
reviewsmore 026
reviewsmore 054

My Verdict
   All in all I was very pleased with these Westcott products.  I found them all to be very well made, durable and comfortable to use.  All three are well worth their low price on Shoplet.com!  Perfect for the home, school or work, all of these products, and many, many more can be found on Shoplet.com


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winner of the UGLee Pen Giveaway & the Pink Zebra Giveaway!


  We have a winner for our UGLee Pen Giveaway and our Pink Zebra giveaway!  To find out if it was you, keep reading!  Also be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page and enter our other awesome giveaways going on now!   Don’t forget to keep reading daily as we have many other giveaways starting soon, including many this week!  Be sure to enter! You never know when you might win!


Winner UGLee Pen



Winner Pink Zebra




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3 Winners!!!  Win a gift box from Pawalla.com for your four legged friend!



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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

A Selection of Gifts for Everyone on Your List 2012

  Here it is!  My first Holiday Gift Guide!  I hope this gives you some wonderful, affordable gift ideas for everyone on your list!  Keep in mind, these gift ideas are interchangeable, they can be given to anyone.  Just because a gift idea appears in the section for women, doesn’t necessarily mean it wouldn’t be a great gift idea for a teenager or co-worker!  So enjoy looking around and have a fun time shopping!  Happy Holidays!!

Gifts for Men

Zipz Shoes

zipz logo








Man Law, BBQ
manbbq, etc 006

The Complete Idiot’s Guide
Book Series

idiotsguidebookseries 006
Review Coming Soon

Hammacher Schlimmer


Tabletop Saltwater Aquarium 
Review Coming Soon


Radio Shack


Stealth Flyer 
Review Coming Soon

Teton Sports

teton 003

 Adventurer Rolling Travel Duffle

World Vision Catalog



Gifts for Women
GemTime, Inc.
salts, watches 063
TOCS, Adele and other affordable, top quality watches
dssc camp ww bw 003
Luxurious, relaxing home spa products

Goat Milk Stuff 
goatsmilk 001

 Review and Giveaway Coming Soon
Tin Tree Gifts
Nostaligia Electric
Are Naturals

World Vision
Pink Zebra
Scented Sprinkles

pinkzebra 031

Bamboo Clothing & Accessories
 Review Coming Soon
The Complete Idiot’s Guide Book Series
idiotsguidebookseries 006

 Review Coming Soon
3D Laser Gifts
3D Gifts
OneMark Creations

For Children & Teens
Education Outdoors
dssc camp ww bw 049
CAMP, The Game

Other Fun Family Games
I See Me

Personalized books 
namaste, hex,cookiejar 019
Personalized gifts
ZIPZ Shoes
A Nighttime Trip to Planet Nuf
nighttime trip to planetnuf 
Zapped Edition Games
LIFE, Monopoly
hasbro zapped games

Review Coming Soon

Soft Toy Campaign

Hex Bugs Nano
Zip Line Starter Kit
Miniature Robotic Bug
Rich Art Color

Review Coming Soon 
Nerf FireVision
reviews7 034
Easy LunchBoxes
 easylunchboxes 003

Friends, Teachers, Nannies, Babysitters, Employers, Employees, Co-Workers
Tin Tree Gifts

Ornaments with Love
ornwlove 011
Pink Zebra

pinkzebra 031

Surprise Candles
surprise candles and more gvp 001
Night Owl Paper Goods
sodastream, nightowl 013
Auric Blends
World Vision Catalog

Triple Scented Candles


Life Tiles

mailpix 007
OneMark Creations


 Review Coming Soon

Bergen Pet Products
Loving Pets
Bella Bowls
Review Coming Soon

Newmans Own Organics
Pet Food
Premium Cat Group - all skus

Review Coming Soon
Sunny Seat
Review and
GIVEAWAY Coming Soon

Stocking Stuffers
Woodstock Candy
surprisecandles, woodstock, roommates 067

Candy Galaxy 
candy galaxy 002

Madeline Chocolate Company
Safe Hands Sanitizer


Hydros Bottle
ThinkFun Games
Mini Mouth