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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

     One reason I wanted to start this blog is to have a place to continue to voice my opinion as a consumer. I will be posting many product reviews I do for w.o.m. sites I belong to such as Bzz Agent, Crowdtap, Smiley 360, Influenster and many more!  ( I will be providing a list of these sites in an upcoming blog).  As a consumer I think it is only fair that we be able to have a say about the products we buy!   I look forward to posting many of my reviews in the future, and I hope it will maybe help someone make a decision about what they do or do not want to buy!  Since I just started this blog a couple of days ago, and I am almost through with a lot of my first samplings from these sites, the reviews that follow in the next few days will be few as compared to when I get new samplings to share!
     If you are not familiar with the sites I listed above, you should check them out!  I am a relatively new member to all of these sites, and so far I am loving it! I have already gotten to try quite a few products, and have met so many new and wonderful people as well!  The way these sites basically work is they send you products to try in exchange for you providing your insights on the product through your social networks.  A lot of these sites are set up where you can earn points by doing various activities, and then for some you can cash those points in towards gift cards, others move you up to different levels based on your points and the higher you go the more likely you are to be chosen for really cool samplings, parties to host and more.  Regardless of the rewards, the sites are a lot of fun!
     One such site I belong to is Smiley360.  I am a new member, but so far have been sent 2 products to try and rate!  I am waiting for my third to come in the mail, and when it does, I will post all my reviews from the beginning. My first mission kit was for Knorr Homestyle Stock. I was sent samples of the stock, a cute ladle, a small recipe booklet and my instruction card.  I posted many reviews about the stock, and let me tell you, it was delicious!  Another sample I was sent was for Arm and Hammer's Sensitive toothpaste.  This kit contained 1 full size tube, 4 smaller sample tubes and my instruction card.  Check out their site and you can get a free sample as well(as long as supplies last). Below is the most recent review I posted.
I've been using Arm and Hammer's Sensitive toothpaste for close to a month now, and I am still very pleased with the results! I am able to eat what I want now without having any pain! In fact, today I was able to bite into a Klondike ice cream sandwich with my front teeth and felt almost zero pain...a huge improvement! If you haven't checked out their website yet, you should! You can even get a free sample while supplies last! www.tryAHSensitive.com Get your free sample of Sensitive Toothpaste: http://bit.ly/wT0KE7
Thanks ARM HAMMER(R) for my free product! Get your free sample of Sensitive Toothpaste, while supplies last http://bit.ly/wT0KE7 - Rating: 10/10


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