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Bullock's Buzz: A Scentfully Wonderful Gift! Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Scentfully Wonderful Gift! Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Win Your Own Small Warmer and Set of Sprinkles!
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection

  I love keeping my home smelling clean and fresh, and over the years I have used many different products to scent my home, including candles, incense, plug ins, oil diffusers, and more.   I use scents depending on my mood, or how I feel or whether or not company is coming, with my favorite being any type of relaxing fragrance.  Recently I discovered a great  company with unique products for scenting my home, Pink Zebra.
  Using a decorative electric Simmer Pot, you simply pour Pink Zebra’s scented Sprinkles into the bowl, plug in the warmer and wait for the wonderful scent to fill your home.  You don’t have to worry about an open flame if you have children or pets since the simmer pot uses a small light bulb to create the heat.   Sprinkles are actually little beads of Pink Zebra’s Soft Soy® wax mixed with high quality fragrance oils.  They come in a variety of fragrances, and you can even combine different Sprinkles to create your own unique scent!  These little Sprinkles will deliver 50% more fragrance than a regular scented candle due to the super concentrated levels of the fragrance oils!  Plus, as you know, soy wax burns much cleaner than other types such as parrafin wax.
  I received a beautiful, small Simmer Pot in Ivory, and three jars of Sprinkles in the incredible-smelling fragrances, “Relax"’,“Jasmine Vanilla” and “Garden Lilac”.   The ceramic Simmer Pot has a Fluer de Lis design around the side and is two separate pieces, a base and the removable bowl where you add the Sprinkles.  It uses a small light bulb in the base to heat the wax, and it has a convenient On/Off switch as well as an indicator lamp so you know when the Simmer Pot is On or Off.  When plugged in, it does get warm around the sides, and the burner plate which the bowl sits on is extremely hot so be careful not to touch it when the unit is active!  Since it sits on slightly raised ‘legs’, you do not have to worry about it burning your furniture or shelf.
   The first time I used the Simmer Pot, I was amazed at how quickly the rich scent filled the room! One bowl of Sprinkles has lasted me well over two weeks when heated for a few hours a day. And when you are ready to change your scent, simply unplug the unit and let the wax harden completely, then you can stick the bowl in the freezer for a little under 10 minutes and the wax will pop out easily! Sometimes, I have actually been able to reuse the wax depending on how long I let it burn to begin with!
  If you do not want to use an electric simmer pot, Pink Zebra has other unique ways to enjoy their Sprinkles!  They have Sprinkles Glimmer Candles  which are these neat candle kits you make yourself using the included decorative glass holder, wicks and Sprinkles.  Their newest product is the Shimmer Lights which are basically lamps with interchangeable decorative glass-lined shades and a warmer bowl.  The heat of the light bulb melts the wax, so you not only have a beautiful lamp, but a wonderful way to add scent in your home!  
  The Simmer Pots are available in two sizes, small or large, and Sprinkles can be purchased in 3.75 ounce glass jar or a 16 ounce carton.  Pink Zebra also carries a great selection of scented candlessoaps and lotions, as well as Resealable Reed Diffusers.   Their products would make a wonderful gift for family, friends, teachers and co-workers this Holiday season, or just get some to make your home smell wonderful and welcoming!  Products can be purchased through their online catalog or website by clicking HERE.

Kerri Dillon (Sprinkle Your Scent) is my independent consultant for Pink Zebra who has made this review and giveaway possible!  Visit her webpage at www.sprinkleurscent.com, and her Facebook page HERE.  Pink Zebra is a direct sales company and if your are interested in becoming a consultant, click HERE

 Kerri Dillon (Sprinkle Your Scent), an independent consultant for Pink Zebra has generously offered Bullock’s Buzz fans the chance to win a small Simmer Pot and a set of Sprinkles!  
As part of the Winner Wonderland Giveaway Hop, this giveaway is open to US residents only, and will run from tonight, Dec. 1 at 12:01am EST until Dec.16th at 12:01am EST!  The actual Rafflecopter will be in the next post!

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At December 1, 2012 at 3:12 PM , Blogger Debi Fitzsimmons said...

I love this. I am always looking for new scents for my house. I love trying new ones.

At December 2, 2012 at 10:44 PM , Blogger Sasha Cory said...

Love Pink Zebra products! You have the same warmer as I do. I haven't tried the Relax scent yet but would love to.


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