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Bullock's Buzz: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For Anyone Who Ever Thought They Weren’t Good Enough: A Nighttime Trip To Planet Nuff

A Wonderful New Children’s Book with a Valuable Lesson!
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection
mangroomer 136

   You can never go wrong with giving a book as a gift!  Especially if that book is being given to a child.  What better way to teach important life lessons than through a wonderfully entertaining story complete with intriguing, colorful pictures?  What could be more special than reading a book together with your child, spending a few peaceful, yet important, minutes of your hectic day together?  I was given the opportunity to review a wonderful new book called A Nightttime Trip to Planet Nuf. 
Written by Mayra Poratta and Crystal Pirri, with illustrations by Kaleb Rice, A Nighttime Trip to Planet Nuf is a fun, but meaningful story about a little boy who believed he just wasn’t good enough.  It seems to Kyle that everyone else is either smarter, more clever, talented or luckier than he, and the more he sees, the sadder he becomes.
“I’m just not up to snuff!”…
“Everyone is better than me. I’m just not good enough.”
mangroomer 138
Eventually he asks himself two questions: “what am I good at, and what do I enjoy?”, and starts to see things in a different light.
“He started paying attention
to how others struggled too.
It wasn’t just Kyle who was sad,
and this was a big ‘phew!’ “
   Then, late one night, deep in sleep, Kyle visits a far away planet where he meets the NUF’s.   Through these strange little creatures Kyle is reminded of and taught some important truths that causes his whole perspective to change.  He learns to be grateful for what he has and not regret what he lacks.  He learns that it’s not about being great at everything, it’s about how you live, and that being himself is enough, all he needs is to believe in himself.  He is more than a NUF, just as he is!
mangroomer 140
“A NUF is when your heart is filled with gratitude.
Being “enough” is so much fun!
It’s not about having this or that.
It’s an attitude!”
  Based on characters founded and created by Cal King, the NUF’s are cute little creatures from a far away planet with an important message to share with children.  The storyline and characters are interesting and easy for a child to relate to, and the rhyming text provides a captivating rhythm which encourages active listening and makes learning the lessons more interesting and meaningful.   Bright and colorful illustrations are guaranteed to capture a child’s attention and imagination!   Whether you are reading it to your child or your child is reading it alone, A Nighttime Trip to Planet Nuf is sure to become a favorite! Although written for children, the messages in this book reach to adults as well!
mangroomer 142

    Recently published in 2012 by Sunnyday Publishing, LLC. ,you can purchase A Nightttime Trip to Planet Nuf through the Nuf website and through Amazon.  I would definitely recommend this book to parents everywhere, and know it would make a perfect gift for this Holiday season!

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Mangroomer: Perfect Gift ideas for Your Man

Win a Stainless Steel Detail Groomer for the Man in Your Life!
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection


   Do you ever get stuck on what to get for the man in your life?  Whether it be your brother, father, husband, boyfriend, teenage son, your cousin or best friend?  Do you want to give him something more personal than a gift card?  Get them something you know they will need.  One idea is to get him an item from Mangroomer!  They make exactly what the name suggests, products for men’s grooming.  Electric razors, trimmers, clippers, hair dryers and much more, you can find something for every man on your list!
   My husband is one of those men who do not like excess hair neither on his head or his face.  He loves to keep the hair on his head as short as possible, and he will only wear a goatee, any more really drives him crazy!  So when Mangroomer sent three of their products for my husband to sample, he couldn’t wait to give them a try!  We were sent the Scruff Sculpter, the Detail Groomer and the Electric Back Hair Shaver.

The Scruff Sculpter with Whisker Belly and Power Burst $74.95
What They Say:  the most technologically advanced Stubble Trimmer on the market, it features electric precision length controls where the push of a button adjusts the trimming length (0.3mm to 5mm).  It has an illuminated, oversized LCD screen which displays the length settings, the available battery power and charging status.  The innovative “Whisker Belly” captures trimmings for easy clean up, and the exclusive “Power Burst” button provides that burst of extra power for those super coarse and dense hairs.  The blades are self-sharpening, and it has a rubberized ergonomic grip for great control and comfort.
What My Husband Says:  It’s a good trimmer, I like it as a beard and mustache trimmer.  The Whisker Belly really made a difference in the amount of cleanup, it caught the majority of the hair.  It gave a nice close trim, and I liked how all I had to do was push a button to adjust the trimming length…very handy, and much easier than having to change out different guards.

smiley260crockpot 016
smiley260crockpot 024
Ergonomic Shape for Comfort and Ease of Use
smiley260crockpot 021Electric Precision Length Control & Power Burst Buttons
smiley260crockpot 020The Whisker Belly Catches Trimmings

The Stainless Steel Detail Groomer $19.95
What They Say: comes with 3 interchangeable attachment heads for the trimming of your nose, ears, neckline, sideburns and eyebrows. The nose and ear trimmer has curved, double-edged hypoallergenic steel blades for extremely close trimming results without the risk of ingrown hairs.  The professional grade eyebrow trimmer comes with a length comb for easy self maintenance of eyebrow hair.  The precision, multi-purpose attachment trimmer head is for trimming and styling your neckline and sideburns.  Can be used in the shower or out, and rinses clean easily.  Needs 1 AA battery.
What My Husband Says:  This was another one I liked a lot.  I enjoyed having the different attachments instead of trying to use one thing to do it all (trimming and shaping my beard, side burns, goatee, eye brows, etc.).  I especially like the attachment for sideburns and neckline as I was able to define the shape I wanted better than just using a razor.

mangroomer 209Everything Included
mangroomer 203Nose and Ear Trimmer
mangroomer 197Eyebrow Trimmer with Comb
mangroomer 200Multi-Purpose Trimmer Head

The Essential Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver $49.95
What They Say:  this sleek and lightweight shaver features a patented design handle that extends and locks at any length, reaches over 2 feet when fully extended allowing for easy access to your entire back. Has a non-slip rubberized grip, handle and body which allows for maximum maneuverability and increased control.  The superior blade design delivers a super smooth shave and measures 1.5” in width for maximum coverage a fewer strokes.  Rechargeable, folds flat for storage and travel.  Comes with protection cap, cleaning brush and A/C recharging adapter.
What My Husband Says:  My husband does not have a hairy back, so he did not use this item for that.  However, you can easily see how well this shaver is made.  It is long enough to reach any area of his back (he is over 6 ft. tall), and the adjustable angle allows for easy access as well!  We discovered that the shaver works very well for the back of his neck, as well as on my legs, and other certain parts!

mangroomer 189
Closes up small enough to travel
mangroomer 183You Can Adjust the Angle
mangroomer 215 Extends to up to 2 feet
mangroomer 190Blade Measures 1.5“ in Width

The Verdict:
My husband was very impressed with all of these items. He liked how the Scruff Sculpter fit comfortably in his hand, was lightweight, and the electric length control. He also loves the Detail Groomer and uses it to shape his goatee, trim his eyebrows and his nose. He found it to be a very handy tool with multiple uses, yet small, lightweight and convenient, too. And although he does not need to shave his back, the Back Shaver works very well on the back of his neck after he shaves his head with his clippers. He said all three gave him a close, smooth shave!

mangroomer 152BEFORE
mangroomer 229 AFTER
    All of these items and more can be purchased through the shop on the Mangroomer website.  They can also be found on Amazon, Drugstore.com and at Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target, as well as other sites and stores.  They are all reasonably priced and very well made!  Mangroomer can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. I definitely recommend Mangroomer products for the men in your life!


  One lucky Bullock’s Buzz fan will have the chance to win a Mangroomer Stainless Steel Detail Groomer!  All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below, and do not forget to do the mandatory entries!   This giveaway is open to US residents only, and will begin at 12:01am EST tonight and will end at 12:01am EST November 14th.

GOOD LUCK!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Winner for Delivery.com!!! New Giveaways to Enter!!

Man Law BBQ Tools Giveaways Starts Tonight!

  The original winner for our $40 Delivery.com did not respond, so I have picked a new winner!!  Was it you?  Keep reading!  Plus, here is a list of our great giveaways going on now!  Just click the link then enter to win!  AND, we have another great giveaway beginning tonight, and many more coming soon as we begin our countdown until the Holidays!!



…Sarah L!


  Be sure to check your email and respond within 48 hours!  Check SPAM too, just to be on the safe side!

Just A Note Regarding Giveaways

  If you are anything like me, you are getting tired of filling out those Rafflecopter giveaways with 20 to 80 different tasks to do to get entries. Now I understand in those huge giveaways where a group of great bloggers get together to help host or promote the giveaway, then it makes sense to have a bunch of tasks to do.  But when you have a small giveaway, I just don’t get it.  Well, on Bullock’s Buzz, I try to keep entries to a minimum.  Yes, there are mandatory entries for the sponsor as well as a few for me, but there are not many, and the one’s for me are often the same giveaway after giveaway so will be quick and easy to do!  The mandatory ’tasks’ are the one’s you MUST do, or you can be disqualified, usually they are the very first one’s that once you complete, they allow the rest of the Rafflecopter to be revealed.  Please be sure to do these!  The other ‘tasks’ are ways for you to gain more entries so your chances of winning increase, but even these I promise to keep short and sweet!

  So with that being said,…

Great Giveaways Going On Now! Good Luck!

Just click on the link below, and enter to win! 

BagBlaze: Winner’s Choice of Handbag, ENDS IN 2 DAYS!!!  US Lower 48 Entries ONLY


Dali Decals: $25 Gift Code!  Ends November 7th  Open WORLDWIDE


LA Minerals: 18 Piece ELITE Brush Set & Baked Minerals Multi-Color Eye Shadow Palette!  ENDS NOV. 8th. US Entries ONLY


Ornaments With Love: Winner’s Choice of Over 2000 Ornaments Personalized!  ENDS NOV. 8th US Entries Only!


New Giveaway Starting at 12:01am EST TONIGHT!

  Our Man Law Giveaway begins at 12:01am EST tonight!  What a great gift for the one who loves to grill!  A Bullock’s Buzz 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection, check out the review and find the Rafflecopter HERE.  Be sure to do all mandatory entries!




Monday, October 29, 2012

ManLaw Premium BBQ Tools The Manly Man’s BBQ Site!

Enter to WIN a Set of ManLaw Grill Tools!!
Holiday Gift Guide Selection
manlaw logo

  Ahhhhhhh, the wonderful smell of burning charcoal (or propane) in the air, the sizzling and mouth watering aroma of meat on the fire.  The warm, peaceful and relaxing summer’s eve, hanging out with the family and friends…the backyard barbeque.  Some men find it a pleasant past time while their wives take an evening off, likewise, some women love to tend the grill while their husbands relax.  And then there are those for whom barbequing is a serious job, part of providing for the family.  Those who will get out by their grill despite the season, those for whom grilling is a ritual to be done with the correct tools (and beer) in hand.  Those who not only love the smell of the BBQ, but also see it as a “man’s job”, part of providing for the family!  Does this go back to the cavemen days?  Where the men were responsible for hunting and killing the meat, a way of providing? Whatever the reason, if you know a man who loves to grill, then have I got the perfect gift idea for you!  ManLaw Premium BBQ Tools yep, you read that right, ManLaw.  Grilling tools and accessories with a sense of humor!  The best way to describe this company is through their own words:
“GRILLING... Is the perfect confluence of art and science, engineering and craft, mind and spatula. The French sauté, braise, poach. They do not grill.
Since the first dawn of MAN, there has been honor and responsibility in providing for one's family. In order to truly appreciate this honor, all men must abide by the code that comes with it.
  SO the theory behind the company may be fun, and is not to be taken too seriously, but the products, well the products are something completely different. There is nothing funny about them, nope, these are some SERIOUS barbequing products!  From tools to gadgets, gauges to accessories, ManLaw has everything one could ever want or need for grilling!  My husband and I had the opportunity to review one of ManLaw’s Grill Tool Sets the MAN-H2  3 Piece Premium Hardwood Handle Tool Set, and these really are some serious grilling tools!

manbbq, etc 006
manbbq, etc 041

   Almost every other weekend during the Spring, Summer and Fall, my husband and I go to his parents for dinner, and we always grill, so these tools were a welcome addition!  This particular ManLaw tool set comes with a fork, tongs and a spatula, all made of a heavy duty, thick gauge stainless steel material, approximately 2.5mm thick!  That is not flimsy at all, in fact, they are quite heavy.  The handles are made of dark-colored, premium oak wood, and are extra long and thick for safety and durability.  Since they are made from such quality wood and thick stainless steel, the first thing we noticed was how much heavier these tools are compared to others we have used, but they are still easy and comfortable to work with.
The fork is approximately 18.9” in length and has very sharp tines, they are perfect to use for holding the meat while you cut to check color.

manbbq, etc 040
manbbq, etc 048
The tongs are about 19.3” in length and have a ‘waved’ edge to help better grip the food.

manbbq, etc 042
manbbq, etc 052
The spatula is around 18.9” and has a serrated edge for cutting, plus the all-important beer can opener!

manbbq, etc 039
manbbq, etc 047

  My husband is the one who usually grills, so although I tried the tools out, he is the person who actually used them while grilling.  He said the weight and length took a few minutes to get adjusted to, but then they were easy and comfortable to hold and use.  The tongs have a comfortable grip and were easy to squeeze, while the fork worked well too.  His favorite was the spatula, especially since it has a serrated edge he could use to cut instead of a knife.    The length of all 3 pieces allowed him to stay a comfortable distance away from the flames and heat, and made reaching the back of the grill a piece of cake. When it came time to clean, the stainless steel was very easy to clean, and still look brand new!

manbbq, etc 054
manbbq, etc 057

The Verdict
  He loves his tools!  ManLaw has some really great tools, gadgets and accessories for everyone who has a passion from grilling!  Their products are high quality, affordable and would make an ideal gift for the upcoming Holidays!  You can find ManLaw in stores both online and off, including Amazon, Kohl’s, Home Depot and more, click here for a list of retailers.  Be sure to check out ManLaw both on Facebook and Twitter.


  ManLaw has generously offered a set of the MAN-H2 Grill Tools to one lucky Bullock’s Buzz reader!  All you have to do is enter the short and easy Rafflecopter below, and if you win, that will be one more present you can scratch off your list!  REMEMBER you MUST do all MANDATORY entries (the first 6)!!  This giveaway will begin at 12:01am EST tonight(Oct.30) and will end at 12:01am EST November 6th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Shine Bright with Starlooks

October Starbox

   Another month, another great Starlooks Starbox!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Starbox, let me tell you about this monthly beauty subscription box you do not want to miss!  For the amazingly low price of $15 a month, you will receive a box with at least 3 to 4 full sized beauty products from the Starlooks line that have a total value of at least $35!  That is what I call a great deal!  Plus, all of their products are lead-free, emollient-free and cruelty-free.  You can go online to their site to see a preview of that month’s box, what came in boxes over the months past, and, best of all, you can find tips through photographs on how to wear the products in each month’s box by visiting the Looksbook page.
   October’s theme?  ‘Masquerade’!  Perfect for Halloween or any time you want a daring, bold beautiful look!  This month’s box was black with a purple, embossed logo and was tied with a silver ribbon.  Inside was four full sized products including a container of pigment luster, an eyeliner, a tube of lipstick, and a package of eye tattoos.   Two mystic quartz crystals, which are the ultimate symbol of beauty and help attract energy and maintain focus, were also included. 
starlooks and more 007
Eyeliner Pencil in Gold Dust $8
What They Say: glides on easily and effortlessly to make your eyes stand out
What I Say:  another great eye pencil that really does glide on smooth as silk and draws attention to your eyes, especially in this golden yellow color that has a slight shimmer.  The color lasts and is bright and bold!
starlooks and more 013
starlooks and more 017

earphones, noxi, starl, more 099

Eye Shadow Pigment in Posh  $12
What They Say:  a multi-purpose loose pigment for a subtle iridescent or a vibrant shock of color.  They suggest applying with a iDome Starlooks brush and gently dabbing onto the eye lid. Can be mixed with loose powder, foundation or lipstick.
What I Say:  I love this bottle of powdered pigment!  It is a beautiful, shimmery plum purple color that goes on easily, blends well and lasts all night long!  You can apply it heavy and dark for a dramatic splash of bold color, or lightly apply for just a hint of colored shimmer.
starlooks and more 024
starlooks and more 027

earphones, noxi, starl, more 110

Lipstick in Masquerade  $11
What They Say:  formulated to shape, define and style your lips, ultra smooth application, true vibrant colors with hydration, blends easily, long lasting.
What I Say:  a truly beautiful, bold fiery-reddish-orange shade that lasts a long time and draws attention to your lips.  It goes on smoothly without being chalky or goopy, and feels satiny smooth!
starlooks and more 028

starlooks and more 031
earphones, noxi, starl, more 114

Eye Rock Eye Tattoos in Tulip $5.99+
What They Say:  make up artist results, beautiful designs to compliment your eye make up
What I Say:  I haven’t applied mine yet as I plan to wear it Halloween night.  After reading the directions, they seem easy to apply using water to activate the adhesive, and easy to remove using a wipe or facial cleanser.  I love the dramatic design of bold, wavy lines, curlicues and tulips. 
starlooks and more 021

starlooks and more 012Quartz Crystals

  I loved this month’s Starbox!  It seems they keep getting better and better!  The total value of this box is around $37, a great deal for only $15!  I highly recommend Starlooks Starbox to anyone wanting high quality beauty products delivered to your door monthly! Their products include cosmetics, hair care and body care.  Plus, if you fall in love with a specific product, you can always order it directly through the Starlooks website!  Be sure to check out the Starlooks YouTube channel for an explanation of each month’s box as well as tips and tricks!


Friday, October 26, 2012

LA Minerals: Our 2nd Great Giveaway Today that You DON’T Want To Miss!

Enter to Win A Gorgeous Palette and Luxurious Makeup Brush Set!!

  After seeing the great response to my LA Minerals review (http://www.bullocksbuzz.com/2012/10/la-minerals-mineral-makeup-at-its-best.html) , they have generously offered one Bullock’s Buzz fan a prize pack which includes both items I reviewed!! Yes, both!  That means one lucky fan will win a LA Minerals Baked Mineral Eye Shadow 14 color palette AND a gorgeous set of 18 Elite make up brushes!!  See the pictures below!

terracycle, lamin, etc 021WIN THIS…
terracycle, lamin, etc 066…AND THIS!!

  PLUS… through the holidays, you can purchase the Elite make up brushes for only $69.99 down from the usual price of $109.00!!  A great deal!!  Go quick though, this deal is only good through the holiday season!

   Enter through the Rafflecopter below, and be sure to do all of the mandatory entries!  This giveaway will begin tonight at 12:01am EST and will end at 12:01am on November 8th.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our $40 Gift Card to Delivery.com Winner!!

Didn’t Win? Try Again! Plus, A Hint About TWO Awesome Giveaways Starting Tonight You WILL NOT Want To Miss!

  We have our winner for the Delivery.com $40 gift card giveaway!
…Nina M!!
I have sent you an email, be sure to reply within 48 hours!  Enjoy!!
?? Want a hint about our TWO GREAT GIVEAWAYS starting at 12:01am EST tonight ??
Ready? Okay!
The first one will be published soon with a review. It is a Bullock’s Buzz 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection. It has to do with Christmas trees (or even a Hanukkah tree!) and can be a very personal gift! (No…get your mind out of the gutter!)
??Give Up??
Watch for my next post to find out!
The second one has to do with a review I did a few days ago. It is a two piece prize, valued at over $100 and both will help you look as fabulous as an LA model!
??Give Up??
Watch for a later post to find out!
As for right now…
We have more great giveaways going on right now!  All you have to do is click on a  link below and enter to win!
BagBlaze: Winner’s choice of a beautiful handbag!
Dali Decals: $25 Gift Certificate