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Bullock's Buzz: May 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

D.I.Y. Lamp Shade Container Gardening: Miracle Gro's The Gro Project

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the move to a new apartment and warmer weather abounding, my green thumb has been itching to start some new gardening projects.   Since I do not have a yard, all of my projects focus around container gardening which is also a perfect way to bring a bit of the outside inside!   If you have been following my posts, you may have seen my first gardening project of the season, a three-tier, hanging glass globe terrarium.  So far it is doing wonderfully, and a lot of credit goes to the Miracle-Gro products I used.

I haven't always had a green thumb, but thanks to Miracle-Gro products, I quickly discovered that gardening was much easier, and more fun than I had ever imagined!  There is just something so rewarding about planting and nurturing, then watching your gardening project not only live, but actually thrive and grow!


Now, Miracle Gro wants you to see how easy and fun gardening can be with The Gro Project, a growing resource where you can find the inspiration you need to start your own garden project gro-ing!  You will find a great variety of creative, easy and fun gardening project ideas perfect for every one of all ages, kids to adults!  Then be sure to visit Miracle Gro on Pinterest where you can find even more fun garden projects and share your own gardening story!

In the hopes of providing you with inspiration to start your own gardening story, here are several easy container gardening projects using old items I found around my home and Moisture Control Potting Mix.  Plus, there are instructions for making your own Lamp Shade Container Gardens.

Lamp Shade Container Gardens


Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix - perfect for container gardening since it helps control the amount of moisture so you do not under-or-over water your plants.

Your choice of containers - Get creative!  Don't throw that old bowl, worn basket or chipped china cup out, use it!  I used an extra set of mini lamp shades off of a multi-bulb floor lamp that came with two sets of shades.

Rocks/pebbles - to assist with drainage if your container does not have a drainage hole

Plants - I bought a 9 pack of Coleus, a shade loving, bright and colorful, easy-to-care for plant.  Notice of the shape and size of your container, then pick plants that you like and think will look good. Be sure to pay attention to the needs of each plant.


1.  Make sure your containers are clean and dry. .

2.  Since I used lamp shades, they already had a hole for drainage in the bottom.  However, since it was so large, I added a rock to cover the majority of the hole so all of the soil does not fall out.

3.  Add a couple of inches of Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil.

4.  After carefully removing the plants from their containers, gently loosen the root balls so the roots are loose which allows the to stretch out in the new container.

5.  Hollow out a small hole in the soil, then place the plants, one at a time, inside the depression.  Add more soil around the roots to help support the first plant. 

6.  Add the second plant, then add soil all around each side of the plants.

7.  Add enough soil so the plant roots are completely covered. Gently tamp the soil down around the plant's stem.

8.  Lightly water, and you are finished!  Enjoy!  

Be sure to care for your plant as directed.  Most plants come with a tag with light and water requirements.  If your did not, look it up online.

Using containers I had around my home, I was able to create a plethora of different plantings that add color and life to our otherwise dull porch for less than $20!  The Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil cost $4.38 for an 8 qt. bag (and I still have more left!),  the plants (9 pack of Coleus and 3 cacti) cost a total of $12.  I had the sand and rocks left over from my first project;  however, the cost for both was only $7, and often you can find pebbles and rocks around your yard for free!  All of the plantings took about an hour, and they will provide months, if not longer, of joy!  So get outside and nurture your green thumb today!  And if you need more inspiration, visit Miracle-Gro online where you can find gardening tutorials, tips, videos and more!  And don't forget to follow Miracle Gro on Facebook and Pinterest!

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