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Bullock's Buzz: Influenster: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Influenster: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

A Trio of Scent-Infused Dish Soaps

   The other day I received my third VoxBox from Influenster, that awesome site where you can receive new products for free in exchange for your honest opinion!  And the more you participate, the more badges you unlock, and the more badges you unlock the more exclusive discounts on products and services you get, the more rewards you earn and the more invite you receive to try out even more new and innovative products! 

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   This VoxBox was the Palmolive Fresh Infusions VoxBox, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box and found 3 full size bottles of Palmolive’s new Fresh Infusions dish liquid, plus some great coupons to share with my friends!  Fresh Infusions combines nature-inspired scents with the cleaning power of Palmolive that we know and trust!  Three unique, inviting and clean scents are available: Lemon Thyme, Ginger White Tea and Lime Basil.


   I can remember being a little girl and having Palmolive in our house, so once I moved out on my own, this was the brand I used.  While they have come out with many varieties and scents, none match the wonderful aromas of the new Fresh Infusions line!  Every time I wash dishes, my kitchen is filled with a clean, fresh scent that lingers in the air and on my hands long after the dishes are done.  Palmolive gets my dishes, glasses, pots and pans literally sparkling clean without leaving any residue, and it easily removes the toughest cooked-on food, congealed grease and yucky grime without a lot of heavy scrubbing.  Plus, no matter how many dishes I scrub, Palmolive leaves my hands soft and moisturized, not dried out and smelling like chemicals.  Plus, Palmolive Fresh Infusions is phosphate-free.


   I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite scent as all three smell really good, but since I love the scent of lemon, the Lemon Thyme is my first choice!  Second would be the Ginger White Tea, then the Lime Basil.  None of the three scents have that fake, manufactured-smell, but instead each one is pretty close to the scent their name claims.   They are far from over-powering, yet are not so light that they do not linger.  Instead, every time you wash the dishes, your entire kitchen is enveloped with the pleasant scent, and instead of the dirty smell of old food and grease, a clean natural scent wafts up from the water, foam and sponge.  Lemon Thyme has the clean citrus scent of lemon mixed with fresh cut thyme, and it comes in a pale yellow color.  Similarly, Lime Basil mixes the clean citrus scent of lime with fresh basil, and it is a light green color.  The pale pink-colored Ginger White Tea has the tangy zest of Ginger combined with the sweet, relaxing scent of White Tea. 


     I also like the simplicity of the bottles, in their size, shape, and labeling.  Each 16 full ounce bottle has a thin, tubular shape which takes up a lot less room than those wider, bulkier bottles.  They are made of clear plastic and have a very simple label, and the majority of color comes from the liquid inside.  They actually look good sitting on the back rim of the sink, with their simple, clean design.  


   Since it only takes a small amount of liquid to wash a lot of dishes, one bottle lasts quite a long time. I just add a dime-sized drop of dish liquid to my sponge, and I get nice, thick foamy lather that easily cleans the dirtiest dishes and leaves them shiny and clean!   Occasionally I will soak really tough to clean dishes in a sink full of soapy water, and even this takes only a few drops of liquid and a short amount of time to loosen the grime to where it washes away easily!  And regardless of how many dishes I wash, my hands are left incredibly soft, exactly as the brand has always claimed.  Did I mention that Palmolive Fresh Infusions is phosphate-free?


  A bottle of Palmolive Fresh Infusions costs only $2.96 at Wal-Mart, which is a great price for such a wonderful, long-lasting product!  You can find Palmolive Fresh Infusions at Wal-Mart both online and off, as well as at many other grocery stores, drug stores, and mass merchandisers online and offline.  In my opinion, the ease of use, pleasant scent, simple bottle design and affordable price of Palmolive Fresh Infusions really makes washing the dishes a much more pleasant experience!


   Since I was sent three full-sized bottles, I wanted to give one to a friend to see what she thought of it. I let her chose her favorite scent, and she picked the Lime Basil. She has been using it for the last six or seven days and tells me she will not go back to using her old brand.  She loves the way the Palmolive smells, but is equally impressed with how easily and how well it cleans her dishes.  Instead of using a soapy sponge, she washes her dishes by filling one side of her sink with warm, soapy water then rinsing them in the other side.  She told me it only takes a few drops of Palmolive to fill her sink with lots of thick, foamy bubbles, and that the scent is amazing! No more gross smelling dishwater, and no more having to use tons of dish liquid just to keep the water soapy enough to clean all the dishes!  Like me, she is truly impressed!
   If you want even more reasons to try the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions, check out what other members of Influenster are saying on the Palmolive review page!  If you want to become a member of Influenster, I still have a few invitations left!  Just leave me a note in the comments section at the bottom of this page with your email, and I will send you one!  I only have 3 left, so let me know!  If I run out, you can request an invite through www.influenster.com.

   Thank you Palmolive and Influenster for my free bottles of Palmolive Fresh Infusions!  All opinions are my own, and are honest and true.



At January 24, 2013 at 6:19 PM , Blogger Christy Maurer said...

I would love to try these! I bet they smell amazing!! I signed up with influenster, but I'm not sure how it works yet.

At January 24, 2013 at 7:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these, they smell amazing and get the dishes clean. I would love to find soaps that smell like this.


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