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Bullock's Buzz: Unreal Candy

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unreal Candy

It’s So Good It’s Unbelievable

     Another awesome BzzCampaign I am participating in is the Unreal Candy campaign!  If you are not familiar with BzzAgent, it is this great word of mouth marketing site where you can get products for free in exchange for sharing your honest opinion across your social network.  If chosen for a Bzz Campaign, they send you a Bzz kit that has full-sized samples of the product, a letter, an Official BzzGuide, sometimes coupons and more.  People are chosen for Bzz Campaigns based on demographics, so sometimes it might be awhile before you have a new campaign, and other times you may actually have 3 or 4!  It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends, learn about new things and voice your opinion as a consumer.  Learn more and sign up today at https://www.bzzagent.com/index.jsp.

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     Unreal Candy is basically junk food without the junk!  It has no corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oil, no artificial ingredients, no GMO’s (genetically modified stuff), no preservatives and a low Glycemic Index.  I wasn’t sure what to think of it when I first heard of it!  I am a huge candy fan, and couldn’t imagine how candy without the junk could possibly taste good!  Thanks to BzzAgent, I decided I would have to give it a try!
     For the Unreal Candy BzzCampaign I received a bunch of coupons including a couple of free product coupons and some BOGO coupons.  The day I went to get the Unreal Candy I actually lucked up as they were having a BOGO sale, so I was able to basically get it all for free!   I decided to buy one of each flavor made.
What They Say:  Candy coated chocolates with peanuts.  UNREAL 54 only has 16g of sugar to Peanut M&M®s 25 grams, 200 calories to the other’s 250, and more!  Compare the rest of the ingredients on the website!
What I Say:  Pretty darn good!  Definitely not as sweet as the other brand, but good!  Rich chocolate covering fresh, crunchy peanuts all covered with a candy shell.

reviews18 005

What They Say:  Candy coated chocolates.  UNREAL 41 has only 19 grams of sugar to M&M®’s 31 grams! 190 calories to their 230, and more!  Compare the rest of the ingredients on the website!
What I Say:  Just as good as the other brand, just not as sweet!  A colorful, hard candy shell covering rich chocolate!

reviews18 006

What They Say:  Chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar.  Again 17 grams of sugar compared to Snicker®’s 30 grams!  Compare the rest of the ingredients on the website!
What I Say:  Yummy!!  Rich chocolate covering lots of creamy, sweet caramel and chewy nougat and pieces of peanuts.  Again, not as sweet as the other brand, but still delicious!

reviews18 010

What They Say: Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar.  Only 19 grams of sugar compared to Milky Way®’s 35 grams.  Compare the rest of the ingredients on the website!
What I Say:  Rich chocolate covering chewy nougat and sweet, gooey caramel.  Not as sweet as the other brand, but still extremely good!

reviews18 011

What They Say:  Peanut Butter Cups.  Only 11 grams of sugar compared to Reece’s® 21 grams!  Compare the rest of the ingredients on the website!
What I Say:   Rich chocolate covering a creamy peanut butter middle.  Again, not as sweet as the other brand, but still a yummy treat!

reviews18 008

     All in all I was pretty impressed!  I came in this campaign expecting to be disappointed ,and not to enjoy the candy at all!  Instead, I did enjoy it!  The only real difference as far as taste is the difference in the amount of sweetness!  It wasn’t that it was not sweet at all, in fact it is just sweet enough!  Plus the comparison between the ingredients is amazing!  You can find a more complete list of nutritional comparisons between UNREAL Candy, the other brand and a healthy snack when you click on each flavor candy shown on the UNREAL Candy website.  I am pretty sure you will be quite surprised!  I would be completely comfortable and very happy to let my children eat UNREAL Candy!
     UNREAL Candy can be found at a wide variety of stores across the country including CVS, BJ’s, Michaels, Kroger, Walgreens, Food 4 Less and others with many more coming soon!  Give it a try! It is simply unbelievable!  Be sure to check out UNREAL Candy on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with all the news and discover which candy they may UnjunkTM next!



At September 30, 2012 at 7:02 PM , Blogger Melinda Dunne said...

That looks really good!

At September 30, 2012 at 8:03 PM , Blogger NCSouthernDiva said...

Great review and definitively a product I will try. It's almost like cheating but without the 'junk'. Thanks for sharing such a great product AND the Bzzagent site

At September 30, 2012 at 9:45 PM , Blogger Jerla Oh lalala said...

this makes me curious... from the name itself "unreal" hhhhmmmmm... you said it's yummy. i want to try it too hehehe


At October 1, 2012 at 2:21 PM , Blogger Tamara W said...

This sounds neat, I will have to try it. thank you for sharing with us. I Love finding new things.

At October 1, 2012 at 5:41 PM , Blogger ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

I did this bzz too---loved this candy--will be a "treat" for myself once a week now =)


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