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Bullock's Buzz: Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Bath & Body Review

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Bath & Body Review

Therapeutic Bath & Body Sleep Lavender Bubble Bath

     If you love to relax in a sleep-inducing, lavender infused bubble bath, then I know a product you must try!  Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Solutions, Bath and Body, Sleep, Lavender Bubble Bath.  This formula is made with real lavender essential oil and it helps to calm and balance your mind and body allowing you to sleep better!
     A lot of bubble baths I have tried will foam nicely at first only to quickly die off within the first 10 minutes of getting into the water, but not this one!  Two cupfuls gave me a huge mountain of fragrant bubbles that lasted longer than I did!  I know at least 35 minutes passed while I was reading and the bubbles never dissipated until I drained the tub!  The aroma was incredibly soothing, a real lavender scent, not those fake wanna-be lavender scents you find with a lot of products.  Even after the bath, my bathroom smelled so good, and the scent lingered lightly on my skin as well.  This bubble bath also left my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized, not all dried out and feeling like a soap residue remained.
     This is a 16 ounce bottle, enough to last for quite awhile.  It can also be used as a bath gel;   just pour a tiny amount on a puff or loofah, lather up and then rinse it away; it leaves skin smooth, moisturized and clean! 

     Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Solutions makes many other bath and body products using pure essential oils.  Their Bath products include a Foaming Bath line and Epsom Salts line, both of which come in Aromatherapuetic fragrances Lavender, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Chamomile and Amber Vanilla. As well as a Milk Bath and a Foaming Milk Bath available in Milk and Honey scent.  They also have a Foot Care line which includes an Epsom Salt Foot Soak with Peppermint, an Epsom Salt Foot Scrub also with Peppermint, a Soothing Foot Cream with Peppermint and Menthol, and a Cracked Heel Therapy with Peppermint. There is also a line for First Aid and Pain Relief which includes the Epsom Salt Therapy and Relief Soaking Solution with Rosemary and Mint, and the scent-free Epsom Salt Soaking Solution.



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