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Bullock's Buzz: Julep Maven Introductory Box

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Julep Maven Introductory Box

My Handpicked Maven Introductory Box

     Today I received my introductory box to Julep Maven!  Julep is a hand, foot and nail care brand out of Seattle.  They offer a monthly subscription service where you can register on their site (http://www.julep.com/Home.htm), take a style quiz and each month receive a box with nail colors and other beauty products geared towards you.  The monthly cost is $19.99.  Each month you will receive an e-mail previewing your box for that month.   You don't like what you are getting that month?  No problem! You can either change your style, skip that month or send it to a friend as a gift!  Not only that, but you also have the option to choose one of many pre-paid plans where you can choose the number of months for which you want to subscribe. You can cancel at any time.  Another bonus?  Julep polishes are free of toxins like carcinogens formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBPc, AND a portion of the proceeds from products sold is donated to organizations that support women!
     I enrolled under a special promotion where I received my introductory box for only 1 penny!  If you sign up now, they may still be offering this promotion.  Just click here Julep Penny Deal and after you fill out the quiz, be sure to enter promo code: PENNYINTRO.  Again, I am not sure how long this offer will last!
     Now, let me tell you about my awesome box!  It came in this black box with a hot pink bag folded into a nest of black paper coils; so cute!  There were two cards inside, the first welcoming me to Maven and sharing some handy tips. The second card told me about the contents of my box, complete with the names of my chosen polishes.  Wrapped securely in bubble wrap were three (3) bottles of polish (27 oz each), and two brightly colored foam toe separators.

     I received one bottle of one bottle of Mandy, a bright, deep coral-pink creme, which is my personal favorite!  One bottle of Jessica, a soft baby blue creme, and one bottle of Brooke, a sheer glittery purple, perfect to use alone or as a top coat for an added splash of 'WOW!'. 

        The first color I chose to use was Mandy and so far I am very satisfied.  Once dried, it is a tad thick, but it painted on smoothly, dried quickly, and has yet to chip.  The applicator brush was nice in that it has a flat shape that isn't too wide or too narrow, and the hairs all remained together without any coming out. I love this color with my skin tone! 

     I did paint one fingernail with Jessica, just to see how it looked, and that one was a little thick as well.  When I tried using Brooke on its own, it was a little hard to see, but when I used it as a top coat over the Jessica, it looked great!  Both came off easily with nail polish remover without any staining.  I hope it remains looking this good over time, and I will keep you updated!  If you love color and enjoy painting your nails, then Julep Maven is the site for you!



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